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Standard Cases, foam & accessories

Shop all our Standard cases, Peli Cases, Foam sheets and other product. We have more than 15.000 cases on stock. We delivery in Europe normal in 1-3 days

Buy your case from us

That's why you should choose a case from us...!

We provide cases and custom foam inserts in a wide range of materials including plastic, metal, and wood - with or without interiors. We employ manufacturing processes that include fabricating to deliver high quality products that meet a broad range of exacting needs and specifications. We offer perhaps the widest range of professional cases in Europe and have hand picked the worlds best brands of cases for our customer.

We have a huge stock with more than 15.000 cases and stock the full range of all Peli Cases, Storm Cases, Peli Air, Extreme Cases and our range of Aluminium Cases. We can send all our product from our warehouse world wide on day-to-day basis...

Peli, Storm and Air Cases?

Today, Peli has several brands, including the classic Peli Protector series, which are the ones most people know. In addition, you can get Storm Cases and the brand new Peli Air Cases, with a focus on low weight. In total, it offers more than 80 different sizes to choose from, which gives many options for finding the perfect size for your equipment. Peli Cases are available in all sizes from Micro Cases, to Medium size and all the way up to very large X-Large cases. Flightcases specializes in designing and producing special foam interiors for Peli Cases and delivers to customers throughout Europe.

Unlimited lifetime warranty

When you buy a Peli Case at Flightcases, you are covered by Peli's lifetime warranty! We offer an unlimited lifetime warranty on all Peli Products, including Peli Protector cases, Peli Air and Peli Storm Cases (Does not apply to accessories). In order for us to cover the guarantee, we must have your product sent to our address and the product must have been purchased from us.

How do I order?

We sell our products and special solutions direct to businesses worldwide. We are specialists in all kinds of transport boxes, custom foam interior, foam liners, storage products, etc., and can provide no-obligation advice on the choice of solution and product. We are experts in advanced solutions for industrial and military applications. Contact one of our salespeople by telephone or e-mail if you have any questions or would like more information.

You can order online and pay with a credit card without VAT. You can also place your order by mail or just call us. We offer up to 30 days’ credit (subject to approval).

None other than Peli Case offers such a comprehensive range of accessories.

Buy Peli Case from Flightcases

If you want to buy Peli Cases at flightcases, you buy directly from the Danish Distributor. This ensures you the lifetime warranty, a huge stock, high professional advice and the possibility of all kinds of special fittings and adjustments in foam m.m. If you want to see or try the products before you buy, you have the opportunity to do so in our showroom at Vesterlundvej 3 in Herlev, Denmark og in Gotenborg. We offer fast delivery on stock items, 30-day exchange and price guarantee.

Peli Products and Flightcases

Flightcases is one of the largest retailers of Peli Cases in Europe and is a distributor of Peli products in Denmark. We sell more than 15,000 Peli Cases every year and always have more than 3,000 Peli Cases in our warehouses in Denmark. As a company, you can shop directly with us. This is your guarantee for high delivery security, fulfillment of Peli's lifetime guarantee, professional advice and a huge range of accessories.

Production of foam inserts

We produce specialty interiors for your Peli Cases in a state-of-the-art setting and with high-tech machines. It ensures you the quality and uniformity that makes us different from the crowd. We have approx. 3,000 m² production and storage facilities and approx. 400 m² office and service facilities. We specialize in designing and producing special designs in foam for all Peli Cases. This means that we can offer the market's lowest prices on Peli Cases with custom foam.

Peli and Pelican, what's the difference?

Pelican Products markets Pelican in the United States and all other countries under the Pelican brand. In Europe, Pelican is marketed under the brand Peli and the company is called Peli Products in Europe and is headquartered in Barcelona. This means that a Pelican Case is exactly the same as a Peli Case.

Procedure for business customers – B2B

We serve all kinds of customers from small customers to the largest companies in the world. We sells our products and special solutions direct to businesses and offers up to 30 days’ credit (subject to approval). We are specialists in all kinds of transport boxes, foam liners, storage products etc. and can provide no-obligation advice on the choice of solution and product.

Contact one of our salespeople by telephone or e-mail if you have any questions or would like more information.

For companies, you can use a payment card or pay against an invoice. You can also call +45 3321 4444 and order. (Note that the invoicing option requires credit approval). All prices are excl. VAT and other charges. Note that all purchases not made via our website will have carriage added.

We supply Peli Cases to all types of companies and public authorities and have been a supplier to the Danish Armed Forces and the UN since 1978. We have a customer database of more than 4,000 active customers.

Return policy?

For all standard items with no special interior we offer free 60 days return. So If you would like to cancel og return your case we give you 60 days to return your case. .

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