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Cases for IT

Solutions for IT

We have a wide range of cases for charge and transport of multiple tablets such as Apple iPad, easily and efficiently. Our cases are a great all-in-one solution. However, we don't just make cases for tablets; we can make cases for almost any USB-chargeable device.

We also offer a wide range of Multiple Laptop Cases for trasnport og multiple Laptop from 12-17".

Single Tablet, iMac & Laptop Cases

We offer a wide range of rugged, waterproof and dustproof cases for transport of Tablet, Laptop and iMac 27".

19" Server Rack

When you need to work with your electronic equipment outdoors, you will need to protect it during transportation, as well as from the inclemency of weather once on site. A professional 19” Rack Container will help you protect your equipment while you can concentrate on your mission.

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